Mmm, Swiss Chard! (What is it and how to make it)

This vegetable needs to be used more. I never see it on menus in restaurants and not many people I know are aware of this superfood! It’s in the same family as kale and absolutely delicious! Inexpensive and very versatile, so eat up!

My grandma makes this all the time, ever since I can remember. She uses it mostly as a side veggie, but in my family, I usually make it more as a main dish by adding chicken and rice.

All you do, is buy a bunch at the store. You’ll find the stems in all different colors, red, purple, peach, pink, etc. Absolutely one of the top most beautiful veggies in the produce section! Wash and dry thoroughly. Sometimes there’s a lot of dirt on them. Cut up and definitely eat those stems, lots of nutrients in there! But, make sure you cook those first, because they are obviously tougher than the leaves. You can eat them just by sautéing with some olive oil and onions or garlic, or you can make my grandma’s recipe to make it a bit more kid friendly. The tomatoes make it sweeter.

If you make this recipe, you’ll need one bunch of swiss chard leaves. Cut them up. Saute half of a diced onion with a teaspoon of olive oil. Add the stems and sauté for 3 minutes. Then add the leaves. (I wouldn’t add any salt. If you feel you need it, add once it’s already prepared. It’s a bit of a salty veggie and the cheese makes it saltier, too! Feel free to add lots of fresh black pepper though!)

Then add 14 oz of crushed tomatoes. Make sure you buy a brand that does not add extra sugar. Add pieces of any hard cheese you’d like, pecorino, parmeggiano, asiago, etc. This will just soften the cheese, not melt it. (If it’s a hard enough cheese, that is.) It’s such a lovely surprise to bite down into a piece of cheese, tomatoes AND chard! Mmm.

I hope you try it! If you make any variation of it – I’d love to hear your idea! And send a picture! Happy cooking.





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