How to make a perfect hard boiled egg!

Don’t laugh, it’s true!  Some people don’t know how to hard boil an egg.  Or, even better, they think they do, but can’t figure out why when the try to peel the egg, it doesn’t work!  Watch this video to see how I do it!

Did you enjoy the silent movie?!  I figured the directions were simple enough to do without much talking!  Just trying to keep you all on your toes 🙂  I decided to do the wine chugging  because so many people ask me if I ever actually drink my wine, and, because I’m a huge Will & Grace fan! In one of the last episodes of the series, Karen straight up chugs alcohol for what feels like forever, I guess this was my way to pay homage to my fave show!  I guarantee you’ll NEVER figure out what was actually in that bottle! I promise. Don’t even try.

The pocket watch that you see at 2:04 is actually an Elgin from the late 1800s!  It was my great grandmothers’ 16th birthday present! Pretty cool, right? My grandma handed it down to me for my birthday this year.  It’s actually the same great grandma that we got this recipe from…

So to make a perfect hard boiled egg, follow these simple steps:

1. Place as many eggs as you’d like in a pot, preferably one you own a lid for! (Feel free to make extras. Never know when you’ll need one for another meal and they can stay in your fridge for a week!)

2. Add water, enough to cover the eggs.

3. Turn heat on. As soon as the water boils, turn the heat off and cover with the lid for 10 minutes.

4. After 10 minutes, drain and put the eggs into a bowl of COLD water. You may have to dump out and refill with cold water because it will get hot quickly once you put the eggs in.

5. Peel! You can peel under cold water if you’re still having trouble.

SUPER SIMPLE.  Perfect for healthy snacks for bursts of protein, throw into salads, make egg salad, etc.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Julia is one of my most favoritest little girls in the whole entire world.  I just adore her and hope that one day, I will have the same relationship with my own daughter as I do with her.  You’ll see her in a video sometime soon! She’s a vegetarian, so we’ll be making a vegetarian recipe!


Like my egg happy face?  Did you notice it before I said it? Haha! 26 and still playing with my food….

Have a great week and go make some hard boiled eggs!!!

Chef Stef


2 thoughts on “How to make a perfect hard boiled egg!

  1. Oh, yes, I have seen this recipe (is it really a recipe? Procedure, anyway) recommended before. My dear love swears by it, but I keep forgetting to do anything and just leave the eggs to simmer in hot water forever. I’m not a very careful cook.

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