Baked Brie…to die for


My aunt has been calling Anjelika “baby steffie” since she was born! She’s the sister I never had! I always wanted a baby sister, but instead, I got a brother… (no offense, Nick, you know I love you too)

Anjelika has always loved cooking and baking but had limited knowledge since she’s only 15 and I’m thrilled that she has been learning so much with my videos !  (My aunt is thrilled too…always nice to have another cook in the house!) I’m sure she will guest star in another video soon.

So I picked her up and we got all ready to match with our white buttondowns and pearls! We blew out our hair and did our make up.  It was so much fun! Love my mini me!



(pic from my birthday this year)

Anyyyyywaayyyyy so back to the brie..

I LOVE brie.  It’s always been my favorite cheese.  Especially the rind.  Yum, yum, yum.  I remember having baked brie at someone’s house when I was younger, loving it and thinking, “this is fancy and must be difficult.”  We don’t usually make it in my family.  For holidays, we usually just buy a wheel and put it on the table.  This past Thanksgiving, I decided we needed some baked brie.  I couldn’t believe how simple it was when I realized how to make it!  You can even prepare it earlier and bake it when you need it so it’s a time saver.

Go to the grocery and buy:

Any size brie (we used an 8 ounce wheel)

A jar or raspberry or blueberry jelly (we bought a 10 oz jar and used about half of it)

Puff pastry (you can find in the frozen food section, the package has 2, you only use 1)

1-2 tablespoons of flour

1 egg (beaten with a splash of water)

Ready?  It’s so simple.  I don’t even have to reference my video to tell you how it’s done! Set your oven to 400°.

Make sure your puff pastry is thawed before you begin.  (Leave in your fridge overnight.)  Make a light coating of flour on your counter.  If your countertops are not granite, make sure you do this on a cutting board! Put some flour on your rolling pin. Roll out your pastry slightly, you don’t want it to be too thin. Now cut the corners off to make a round shape with a pizza cutter or knife.  Spread your jelly all over the pastry, leaving an inch around the edges.  I found a spatula to be easier than a knife. (*You can even add real raspberries here.. or some toasted nuts!*)  Place your brie in the center.  Fold up two opposing edges.  Now, for your remaining two, cut off about an inch because they will be too long. Fold up and use your fingers to press it together.  Wipe any excess raspberry that may have come out.

Slightly grease a baking sheet, and place your brie upside down, so that the top is the clean side.  If you want to get fancy, use your scraps, cut out a shape and place on top!  I made a tree for ours.  Now brush the entire perimeter with the egg mixture.  Place in oven and cook for 25-30 minutes.  When it’s beautiful and golden brown, take it out! Slice open and watch the joy of brie ooze out.  The two of us maaay have polished off that 8 oz wheel for lunch… haha!  I mean, who else was going to eat it?!  That would have been such a waste!  Or, it was just so delicious and we couldn’t stop eating it…

IMG_7165 IMG_7171

You all probably need to practice this before the holiday since it’s soo soo sooooo difficult. And then you’ll just have to practice eating it.  😉


Chef Stef

PS – did you enjoy my little flute flourishes?!



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