An intro to what “Classy Cookin'” is all about

Well, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time!  Now that Chef Stef is kickin’ into high gear, I decided it was finally time to get the ‘blog’ rolling.

Besides the obvious answers like – many of us don’t know what to do with our lives, are having trouble finding love, have no insurance and are in massive college debt – I believe there is another major problem with our current generation of 20-30 somethings. The interest in the art of cooking has significantly diminished.  The simple accessibility to fast food and the busyness of our lives has put something on hold that I believe is very important.  Our health… and our wallets!

My idea to make these videos has been cookin’ in my head since college, because not many of my friends knew how to cook simple things. During that time, I learned a lot about cooking for myself by experimentation and asking family members for advice.  My mom recently recalled when I rang her up and said, “I just bought a steak, what do I do with it?” I discovered it is so much healthier and cheaper to cook at home, that I think it’s important for everyone to learn the basics and have FUN!  The goal is, to make cooking not feel like work.  It’s not about a gourmet meal every night, it’s just about learning how to cook real food fast, and occasionally whippin’ up somethin’ fancy.  Stop eating so much processed food.  You’re diminishing your health and taking years off of your life.

I aim to be educationally entertaining.  September 30th, 2013 was the kickoff of something that I hope will flourish into an even more exciting project! I’m thrilled to be making giant steps with this idea that I’ve been talking about doing for years.

These videos are so special to me because every element of them represents a part of the real ME and incorporates my life experiences.  I love to cook, I’m a musician, I like making/editing videos, my goofy personality, helping people, my dogs, being a family person, making people laugh, my flare for the dramatic, marching band…

Yes, if you hear music in the background – like an oboe, flute, or piano – that’s me playing.  While I don’t have a culinary degree, I do have a Masters of Music degree in oboe performance from the University of Delaware! Music is my first love, and cooking my second, so I figured… why not combine the two?

I am not a composer.  I prefer to play and read what’s already been written on the page.  I don’t know how it happened, but one day I said, “I need a theme song”… and a second later, it came to me.  With a little modification and the help of my amazingly talented brother, Nicholas, he came up with a guitar part and we recorded the theme song.  Sorry that it’s so catchy. It gets stuck in your head, doesn’t it?!

I am so blessed and thankful to have all 4 of my grandparents still with me, and they have agreed to make some guest appearances!  You’ll learn how to make Greek meatballs one week, and Italian meatballs the next!  Actually, fun fact, a few years ago, I made a video called “Cooking with Tina: Sunday Sauce”.  Tina is my grandmother.  Pasta with Italian red sauce with meatballs and sausage, a recipe passed down from her mother, is her specialty.  Ever since I was quite young, my grandparents would come over every Sunday for family dinner and grandma would make sauce.  (Another fun fact, the clip of me saying “thank you so much” at age 2, that was a Sunday night and we had just finished having Sunday sauce!)  I decided to document how she makes it because I knew it would be something special to keep forever, and you never know how long you have with anyone.  I highly recommend doing this with your own family members.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy video.  Even if you’re not an “editor”, it’s so simple, you can do stuff like this on your phone nowadays!  I guarantee, you’ll be grateful you have it in 20 years when you can’t figure out why you can’t make the recipe taste quite as good as grandma did.

Another behind the scenes fun fact – The clip right before I say “thank you so much”, yes, that is also me at age 2 saying, “steffie tv”!  Steffie TV has been around for a loooong time!

The only reason it’s called “classy” cooking, is because I wear pearls and drink wine…and I thought the name sounded good.  Don’t let the name fool you, these recipes are not “classy” and “difficult”.  Everything I make is SIMPLE and deeeeelicious.  THAT’S THE POINT!

 People who should subscribe to this blog/my videos and the people you should share them with:

-Any college student living on ramen noodles

-Any person who wants to learn how to save money

-Any person who knows and loves me…or who has never met me

-Any person who doesn’t buy meat at the grocery because they wouldn’t know what to do with it

-Any person who buys something to eat at a fast food chain, albeit “healthy fast food”, more than twice a week

-Any overworked person who never wants to cook when they come home

-Any person who likes cooking and is always looking for a new idea

-Any person who has a sweet tooth

My goal as Chef Stef is to:

-teach the simple joys of cooking

-make it fun

-share nutritional information

-give advice about what to do with leftovers

-have thoughts on preparations

-recommend storage ideas

-share exciting recipes

You have a lot of meals left in your lifetime.  Why not learn how to enjoy cooking, save money and “savor” every moment of it? 🙂

Join me on this food revolution!!!

I promise you’ll be glad you did.


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